December 25, 2019

Indie Game Review: Newgrounds’ The Room Tribute (2010) – Collateral Gaming x Collateral Cinema Holiday Special

Title: The Room: The Game [Wikipedia] [IGDb]

Developer: Newgrounds

Publisher: Newgrounds

Designer: Tom Fulp (programmer)

Release date: September 3, 2010

SHOWNOTES: Oh hai, Collateral Gaming (and Collateral Cinema) listeners, and Happy Holidays! This Christmas Day, we collaborate with our co-hosts from Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast to bring you the gift of Tommy Wiseau's The Room—or at least Newgrounds' retro-style flash game adaptation of it! We discuss how this game exists as a love letter to the film and the fandom, the interesting point-and-click adventure gameplay, the use of protagonist Johnny's perspective exclusively, and the various sidequests and Easter eggs that expand the universe of The Room! Have a happy season, whatever you celebrate, and stay tuned for Collateral Gaming's and Collateral Cinema's content in the New Year!

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